[Shouchuu MAC (Hozumi Kenji)] INFINITY18 (Dragon Ball Z)


Commissioned by DRevan



*Desudesu is now accepting donations and will live like he’s in poverty lol


So Wizards announced these extra super duper foil premium lands (2 in each case of boosters, apparently) in Battle for Zendikar booster set.

I will now buy a case or two of these things in hopes of opening them. Please donate me for this good cause. I won’t ask for US$700 million (RM2.6 million), of course, unlike the donation scandal involving my country’s glorious prime minister :^)

8 thoughts on “[Shouchuu MAC (Hozumi Kenji)] INFINITY18 (Dragon Ball Z)

  1. I guess this means you either weren’t able to, or didn’t try to, convince Jacob to hire you like you wanted.
    Source: https://archive.moe/a/thread/126801804/#126820989 (and a follow-up post correcting yourself)
    Then you resort to this.

    Posting *Desudesu is now accepting donations and will live like he’s in poverty. and then posting “I will now buy a case or two of these things in hopes of opening them.” in hopes of getting two cards that are simply foiled.
    This is disingenuous at best, and outright deceptive and condescending of anyone who reads it at worst.

    Then looking at the patreon itself:
    “Your support keeps desudesu alive!” – Hyperbole.
    “I live in a third world country” – Malaysia is only a third world country, political unrest aside, in that it wasn’t aligned in world war II.
    It’s has a high HDI.
    62 of 187.
    46 of 133 rated
    Which is classified higher than a developing country. It’s between developing and developed, let alone undeveloped.
    Look at those nice rankings.

    I could go on and on.

    Though, I take it all back if you aren’t ethnic Malay, since minorities seem to be treated rather poorly in Malaysia.

    TL;DR: Don’t be so self-pitying, disingenuous, and preying on sympathy, especially considering how often and how much you post about here and on /a/ the stuff and quantities thereof you buy.

    • Yeah, you’re right. It really does sound like I’m panhandling, setting up a patreon (help, I’m being oppressed, pls donate).

      Also no, I’m not a privileged Malay. I would’ve been much better of if I were born one. The Malay-only ASNB Unit Trust fund has ridiculous returns at practically no risk (almost 10% a year).

      You’ll have to live here to get a sense of what life is really like. Sure, it’s not as bad as countries that are much worse off, but it has plenty of flaws. Most of my peers who are from middle or lower-middle income families really have to watch their spending to make sure they still have some tiny bit of leftover money for savings. I’m just lucky (and really thankful, honestly) that I get to have financial support through the translation commissions I’ve been doing.

      • I was overly harsh with my comment. My apologies.
        I don’t think what you were doing would be allowed by the Patreon rules anyway though.
        Your years of service are certainly appreciated.

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