Commission FAQ

Contact Email for Commissions: [email protected]

How much do you charge?

From $1.5 to 2.0 per page. The price will increase if the manga is unusually wordy or if it will require additional image editing due to text style (text directly on image). The full cost of translation must be paid before I begin working on it. Larger works can be broken into parts and worked on separately if you prefer.

What do you translate?

Japanese to English for manga. I mostly get commission requests for adult content, though.

How long do you take?

Depends. If it’s a short chapter, I can get it done in a day or two if there aren’t anything else in my backlog.


46 thoughts on “Commission FAQ

  1. I have some bad news for you, from User Guidelines:
    To be transparent about what is and isn’t allowed on your site, we’ve put together this set of guidelines. The following activity/material isn’t allowed on
    We know that there may be different definitions of this, but generally, we define pornography as visual depictions of sexually explicit acts. Nudity, in and of itself, is fine.

    They’ll eventually find it and when they do, they’ll kill it. You don’t have to take my word for it, just ask these guys:
    They learned that the hard way:

    • Thanks for your kind advice. I’ll see what I can do. Jacob offered me to use fakku’s domain, like what biribiri is doing right now. Maybe I should take up that offer, after all.

      • Will you just be redirecting your domain name or will it be expiring in the future? I want to know if I need to save a new bookmark ^_^

  2. You want to know something funny? Apparently Google changed course and the adult pages can stay,lol. I’d say keep the bloggspot one as a backup in case Fakku doesn’t work out(although I don’t see how).

    Anyway, nice to see you have a new home!

    • Not so fast:
      >the search giant has told users that it will crack down harder on the publishing of commercial porn instead.
      Scanlations count as ‘commercial porn’.

  3. Hey, I sent you a commission request from this email a few days ago but haven’t heard back from you. I was wondering did you ever receive it?

  4. I tried to get in touch quite a while ago about possible commissions from this email. Did I get filtered? Should I re-send?

    • I’m sorry, I must’ve been busy and missed your email. I’ll check for it on Monday. Am a little tied up this weekend.

  5. Hi, can you get back to me too? I think you missed a couple of mine as well. You never gave me an estimate of how long my Yatterman Helldevice commission would take, so I was just wondering how much longer it would be. Thanks!

  6. Hey buddy, I have a couple raws that I’ve been sitting on forever and I’m just too busy to crrank them out on my own. Hit me up on IRC when you get a chance (I still idle on Rizon) and I can throw some links your way to give me an estimate for the full edit/tl. Some b& in canada, some kinky, but nothing too fucked up.

    Hope all is well,


  7. Hi, I know you must get a lot of emails so I figured I’d try and catch you on here. Just wanted to know where I am in queue for the Jitsuma request from Comic Milf Vol 26?

    Thanks and Happy New Year.

  8. Sent a commission around a week back, resent it twice cause this happened before where my mail got filtered for a month. Just sent it again

  9. so are you inundated with work or something? Cause I’ve never gotten any replies to the requests I’ve been sending out; just sent another doujin with all the text wiped.

  10. I submitted a commission request 4-5 days ago and have yet to receive a response. The download link expires in a couple days so if you don’t review it by then, desudesu, I’ll need to re-upload and compose a new message. Please check your messages as soon as you have the chance. Thanks.

  11. I sent you a commission request about a week ago and was wondering if you received it. If not, let me know and I’ll resend it.

  12. May I check if you will be available to translate some of my Chiyoki manga works? I have collected all his works and would love it to be translated into English if that is possible. How much do u charge and let me know how to pay you for it?

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