11 thoughts on “Batch torrent for all releases from 2010 to 2014

  1. I have been seeding “Desudesu's releases” (5.19 GB)(5.2 GB), which is a Batch Torrent of files from 2008 and 2009. It can be found by doing a Google Advanced Search for the exact phrase. Right now there seems to be only one functioning tracker: udp://open.nyaatorrents.info:6544/announceBoth openbittorrent and publicbt trackers seem to be down. I can't find it listed on sukebei.nyaa.se

  2. If you do an AUTO unpack/unarchive of ALL the files in a torrent, you will most likely find that some of them will NOT contain internal folders. That is when it is better to configure the extraction program to use the archive file name as the initial folder name, just in case there are no internal folders. An internal folder will just become a subfolder..

    • I hate subfolders too but if you do it right You only have to do it once
      I make folders for everything with 1.2 tb of manga I Have to. I even have an “UNREAD” folder for new downloads
      Once you down load and extract and you now have a sub folder with the same name
      Rename the sub folder I.e “Loli Tentacle Monster Girl” to “Loli Tentacle Monster Girl2” Cut and paste the Loli Tentacle Monster Girl2 folder to your library or wherever you store them. Then you can delete the original folder which should be empty and re re name Loli Tentacle Monster Girl2 to Loli Tentacle Monster Girl
      A pain Yes but only once

  3. Then you nave to extract one archive file at a time, to make sure that each one has its own folder, and make a folder for those that don't. Otherwise you end up with a bunch of graphic files al bunched together, and if they only have page numbers, without corresponding title names, it is a mess to sort out. Subfolders can always be MOVED so they are no longer subfolders, and then the folder/archive name (that is now empty) deleted). Hentai is always worth the extra effort. .

  4. It appears that their are now 4 of us Seeding “Desudesu's releases” (which is apparently Batch Torrent ver.03. “Desudesu Batch Torrent 04” has 7 Seeders, and the same tracker.That is the one in 7zip format, with NO loli. It *IS* listed on sukebei.nyaa.se!!.

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