[Satei (s73d)] Marisa ga Mori de Shokushu ni 3 (Touhou Project) [Digital]


Commissioned by Zakuzelo.

This is what nightmares are made of.

>be kidnapped by tentacle monster
>tentacle monster decided your life is more exciting than his, makes itself look just like you, goes out and lives out your life without any of your friends suspecting
>it keeps you alive because it needs your DNA for it to maintain its form


One thought on “[Satei (s73d)] Marisa ga Mori de Shokushu ni 3 (Touhou Project) [Digital]

  1. I was waiting for this to come out and see how terrifying this ended. Glad to see it’s even worse than I thought. D:

    Thanks a lot for translating this trilogy, Desu.

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